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Aisle Location Generator

Aisle Location Generator

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Efficiency at its’ finest

During my time at Walmart, I noticed a few missed opportunities for improving efficiency. For example, signage had to be ordered from a warehouse, and assuming it was in stock, it would take somewhere between 5 and 10 business days for it to get there. Not only is this inefficient in terms of time but also cost, especially when you begin to factor in things such as pack quantities and shipping. My Aisle Location Generator tool aims to fix that issue for at least one form of signage; aisle location markers.

From time to time, a zone marker or aisle number marker will fall, get lost, and be in need of replacement. We don’t always have extras of certain numbers and letters so we have to order them. As mentioned above, this is time consuming and relatively costly. However, using my Aisle Location Generator, you can create the exact amount of numbers and letters you need on a ready to print image. You simply take this to your stores’ photo center and print it out. This cuts the time from 5-10 business days to mere minutes and cuts the cost from $10-$100 down to mere cents, depending on how many you need.

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Among the many things important to a company, stylistic consistency is one of them. Great care was taken to incorporate proper sizing, spacing, colorization, and font usage throughout the entire project. All colors and fonts follow Walmart’s Brand Guidelines to the T so as to ensure seamless integration with currently available programs and signing.

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Ease of use

Having a powerful program means nothing if the people the program was made for can’t use it. Many hours were spent testing and simplifying procedures to guarantee a product with a flat learning curve. It’s as simple as typing in the text you want on the marker, typing in how many you’d like, and saving the image.