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Saved by Friday


Saved by Friday



In Spring of 2016, a local band based out of Wesley Chapel, FL reached out to me in hopes of having a website designed for them. Being familiar with their music, I accepted. A month later, the result came out far better than they were hoping. The website is fast, simple, beautiful, and paints a detailed picture of the band with as few words as possible.

You can see the website for yourself here!


Mobile browser usage is at an all time high so responsive design that can adapt to a multitude of screens is of paramount importance. The Saved by Friday website scales beautifully across all your favorite devices ranging from 5K iMac’s all the way to diminutive 4 inch phone screens.



feature rich without the bloat

As a band, it is important to be able to conveniently allow your listeners to preview your music as well as keep up to date on the going’s on of the band. To accommodate the music, a simple audio player was added to the homepage so as to provide quick access to the previews upon first loading the page. To accommodate the news and updates, a simple CMS was incorporated where the band can quickly make a post about what’s happening behind the scenes. Furthermore, the media page has direct access to their social media allowing them to provide a one stop shop for all updates across the board.